Our History


1961 – As a life-long resident of the community, Albert Vandendaele started working for the North Kansas City Fire Department.

1965 –  Albert and a business partner started Strutco Fence Company doing residential fence installations.

1969 – While still working for the the North Kansas City Fire Department, Albert went into business for himself and formed Van’s Fence Contracting. He worked every other day for the fire department and began doing residential and commercial fence work on his off-days. He also became involved with recreational fencing that included baseball fields, soccer fields, and tennis courts. Albert had four part-time employees working for him at this time.

1993Jerame Breeden, a young energetic 19-year-old, was a neighbor and friend who  joined Albert as a fence installer. Over the years, Jerame became the lead man for the company and a very trusting relationship was forged with Albert.

1999 – Now Battalion Chief for the North Kansas City Fire Department, Albert was promoted to Chief which required him to work five days a week. With the high demands of managing 58 employees and a city budget, he was forced to make a decision between the department and his company. Through many long conversations, Albert decided to offer Jerame the chance to purchase the company. With much honor and respect, Jerame accepted this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and purchased Van’s Fence. Albert continued his work with the fire department and assisted Jerame with any questions regarding owning a business.

2002 – After many years of hard work and dedication, Albert retired as Chief of the North Kansas City Fire Department.

2004 – Jerame and his wife, Phyllis reorganized the company and formed Van’s Fence, LLC. Together, with their team of employees, they continue the high standard of work ethics and values that Albert Vandendaele originally promoted.

2009 – Jerame and Phyllis Breeden have a growing family with four daughters as well as a thriving business that is well-respected in the community. They would like to thank family, friends, employees, customers, and their founder, Albert Vandendaele, for their continued encouragement and support.